FCC Chairman Ajit Pai smiled smugly while he destroyed basic net neutrality protections that keep the internet free from censorship, throttling, and outrageous fees. He lied his face off, “joked” about being a Verizon puppet, refused to comply with transparency laws, and ignored overwhelming public outcry from across the political spectrum.[1] [2] [3] [4]

But now the Senate and House have introduced Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions that would completely overturn the FCC repeal of net neutrality. We’re mobilizing the entire internet to pressure Congress to pass them so we can give Ajit Pai the worst day of his corrupt political career.

All donations made through this page will be tagged as “In Honor of Ajit Pai,” and we will send him an email each time telling him how much was donated in his name to the fight to save net neutrality.

You can also donate cryptocurrency.


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