Hi, I'm Evangeline Lilly. Let's save the Internet.


Hi, Evangeline Lilly here.

The Internet is one of the most important tools we have to hold powerful people and institutions accountable, from the #MeToo movement to defending our environment to protecting our basic constitutional rights and our democracy.

That’s why I’ve been working with Fight for the Future for years to defend the free and open Internet—from narrating one of their videos about the dangers of government surveillance, to helping host a nationwide tour of rock concerts to raise awareness about the TPP, to supporting their campaigns against censorship and for net neutrality.

I support Fight for the Future because they don’t just “speak out” about or “advocate for” Internet freedom and privacy. They fight hard, they fight strategically, and they win.

That’s why I’ve launched this fundraiser, to make sure that—now more than ever—they have the resources they need to protect our most basic rights in the digital age. Please give what you can and spread the word!

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