Expose which politicians hate net neutrality


The FCC is determined to destroy net neutrality so giants like Comcast and AT&T can throttle, block, censor, and charge Internet users new fees online.

Their plan is so controversial that virtually nobody supports it across the political spectrum. Over 8 million Americans have already spoken out about it. We can’t allow this blatant corruption to go forward.

But there’s good news: Members of Congress can stop the FCC if we force them to stand up for open web. This is where you come in.

Donate now, and we will run hard-hitting billboards to show which politicians hate the Internet and support the FCC’s plans to destroy it. The public deserves to know which politicians are working to ruin the web ASAP.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai – an unelected bureaucrat and former Verizon lawyer – is out of control, and clearly out of step with public opinion. But Congress can rein him in if we’re loud enough.

Your elected representative will decide whether net neutrality lives or dies. But they’re going to need to feel the pressure. Please give what you can and we’ll make sure they feel the heat.


Goal: $100,000

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