This politician is ruining our best chance to restore net neutrality. We’re crowdfunding a billboard so he can’t get away with it.


The Trump administration’s FCC abolished net neutrality. But people across the country are fighting back. California proposed state-level net neutrality legislation that would have restored all the key protections, SB 822. But Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, who counts AT&T among his top donors, “eviscerated” the bill last Wednesday by adding huge loopholes. He even held the vote approving his loopholes before hearing testimony.

Assemblyman Santiago thinks that people don’t really care about net neutrality. He thinks he’s going to get away with this and everyone will just forget.

We’re crowdfunding a billboard to prove him wrong. Please chip in to help cover the cost so we can convince Santiago and the California Assembly to do the right thing and fix the damage he inflicted.

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