Let's Hold Corrupt Politicians Accountable

Last month Congress decimated Internet privacy rules and voted to allow Internet Service Providers to spy on you and sell your sensitive information to advertisers without your consent.

The most disturbing part? The members of Congress who pushed for this attack on our privacy have been taking money hand over fist from the very same Big Cable companies that stand to profit from selling the intimate details of our lives.

We can’t let them get away with this. We’re crowdfunding to put up billboards with the name of every lawmaker who voted for this travesty, because the public deserves to know which politicians sold out our Internet privacy to giant corporations.

So far we've raised enough to unleash billboards targeting Congress members Blackburn, Flake, Rutherford, and Heller. See photos of some of the billboards here.

And it's starting to get the attention it deserves here and here.

Let's keep going! Will you chip in to hold these corrupt lawmakers accountable and help us get more billboards to as many Congressional districts as possible?


Goal: $25,000

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