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End of year goal: $20,000

Make a personal donation to support our work in 2017 by joining our Matching Campaign Fund. This fund will be used to provide a match for small donations during end of year fundraising. This has been shown to motivate donors to give who might not otherwise, and to inspire many of them to give more. And being financially supported by many small donors is important to our budget, but it's also a principle we believe is important to doing politics and activism.

Our small, scrappy team already ensures that your donation goes a long way but as a matching donor it will go even further. You'll encourage thousands of other supporters to invest in our work in this coming year.

Give $10,000 or give $100 just give as generously as YOU can. We have a goal of raising at least $20,000 by 11/23.

Support our work this coming year on the following priority issues:

  1. Zero-rating/data caps, NN loopholes
  2. Surveillance, 702 or encryption, AT&T
  3. TPP, copyright
  • Personal Information

    $50 one time